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The Synchronicity of Mind and Body
Health Architect is a new model of chiropractic care that is dramatically changing the way patients recover from injuries and pain. It is a dynamic system of health care based on the importance of the human frame. Health Architect integrates scientifically grounded principles and skillfully applied techniques into a proprietary methodology of healing. By combining scientific rigor with the art of healing, Health Architect doctors do more than treat pain. They resolve it, restoring balance so you can enjoy a lifetime of health and well being.
fig. 1a Health Architect doctors specialize in resolving pain from muscle and tendon injuries and imbalances in the human frame. If you are an active person experiencing pain, see us first. Our treatment gets results.

We have over a 90% success rate in resolving pain from muscle and tendon injuries in 10-12 treatments. Many of our patients can even continue training through the healing process avoiding the loss of valuable fitness.

Prior to seeking care at Health Architect many patients have tried physical therapy, ultrasound, cortisone injections, prescription drugs, massage, and other forms of chiropractic care without lasting results. At Health Architect patients find relief from pain other doctors simply cannot resolve.
Understanding your unique frame and applying the principles of Health Architect in your life may prevent more serious injuries and surgical intervention. If, however, other healthcare professionals need to be consulted to augment your treatment, we offer a network of the best. Perhaps this is why so many medical doctors and professional athletes come to Health Architect.

fig. 1b
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